Open Gym 

CrossFit Casco Bay offers open gym during designated hours.   

  1. Athletes must not disrupt ongoing classes

    1. Excessive noise while coach is instructing (yelling, dropping of equipment, etc.)

    2. Use of classes space or equipment    

  2. Athletes must check in with class instructors before working out to ensure they will not interfere with class (this must be done outside of class time).  


CrossFit Casco Bay is a dog friendly.   

  1. Dogs must remain on a leash the whole time they are in the gym.  

  2. Dogs must not distract from class with anything other then cuteness - Barking will not be tolerated     

  3. There will be a firm 2 strike policy with peeing/pooping.  The dog will be allowed one accident. On the second they will not be allowed back in the gym.   

Community Standards 

Athletes will be expected to practice the following behaviors:

Work hard

Respect your fellow members 

Respect the facility and equipment 

Listen to your coach 

Positive attitude 

Understand we are all here to better ourselves