2019 CrossFit Games- Nick's Picks

Last week I asked Coach Nick to give me his predictions for CrossFit Games 2019. Let’s see how he did! And if you missed any of the action give it a search. Videos are up and ready for viewing now.

2019 CrossFit Games Brief Overview 

This post focuses in on the individual male and female competition. Teams, Teens, and Masters are left out.  I don’t have time for all that CrossFit talk. 

For those of you that are not already aware the 2019 CrossFit Games are under way in Madison Wisconsin.  The CrossFit Games is a gathering of the fittest men and women in the world to compete in multiple days of fitness tests. There are three ways to qualify for the CrossFit Games: become a National Champion in the Open, be among the top 20 men or women worldwide in the Open, or win a “Sanctioned” event.  You can also be invited by CrossFit if they feel you are deserving of being among the field (this was seen in a few situations this year with the most interesting being Hunter McIntyre, the best obstacle course racer alive).  

This year things are a little different.  The normal size of the competitive field at the games consist of roughly 40 men and 40 women.  However, this year the games will start with more than triple in size.  Growing to 148 individual men and 134 individual women.    

To make things even more interesting the field will be cut by Approximately a 50% after event 1. The field of 148 men and 134 women will narrow down to 75 athletes in each division after the first event.  We will see the cuts continue as we narrow down to 50, 40, 30, 20, and then to the final 10 athletes respectively.

So, let’s chat about landscape of the male and female competitors:

Individual Men - The men’s competition is pretty boring in regards to the “competition” aspect.  It should honestly just be a Mat Fraser showcase of talents.  As I sit here writing this article Fraser is crushing the first event making all the other athletes look like something is wrong.  The only way he doesn’t win is if he gets injured.  

Other men to keep an eye on:

Patrick Vellner (2nd overall 2018, 3rd overall 2019)

Scott Panchik (finishes in the top 10 every year)

Ben Smith (2015 CF Games Champion)   

Hunter McIntyre (not a CrossFitter, but got an invite)    

Individual Women -   Now this is where it gets interesting.  The women’s field is full of drama and parody.  Everything you look for in competition.  There are roughly 5-10 girls that all could finish on the top of the podium.  Tia-Clair Toomey was the winner the last two years and is the favorite to pull it off again this year.  She also is Mat Fraser’s training partner, so that helps.  But there are a bunch of ladies that could knock her off this time around.  Most notable are the three Dottir’s of Iceland. 

Other women to keep an eye on:

Katrin Davidsdottir - The dismantled champ (2015/2016 CF Games Champion)

Sara Sigmundsdottir - The wildcard (2015/2016 CF Games 3rd place finisher) 

Annie Thorisdottir - The savvy vet with the smile (2011/2012 CF Games Champion) 

You can live stream the games right on YouTube.  Just search 2019 CrossFit Games.  I had the best luck with the Rouge link, but CrossFit.com also has a few streams.   

A little side note - Outside of the individual competition, keep an eye on CrossFit Krypton.  Cody Mooney of Sanford Maine competes on this team and who doesn’t like to route for the local guy.  

Enjoy watching these incredible men and women and I look forward to chatting about how things pan out!

Nicholas Beal