Strategically Building Your Tribe

Strategically Building Your Tribe

As human beings, one of our most fundamental, basic needs is the sense of love and

belonging. We hold the underlying need to belong to society, to family, to friends, to significant

others, to a career, to our country, and to our world. What is the opposite of belonging? Well,

that would be loneliness. When our sense of belonging is threatened, our internal egos are

damaged. During these times, we experience emotions that decrease self-esteem and they

ultimately pull us down into a place that breeds loneliness. Some of us know this place better

than others, but ultimately, we all can relate to the emotion on various levels.

How do you find your people?

Characteristics of successful tribes:

● There is positive communication

● They focus on goals and accomplishments

● There is equal contribution from all members

● They support one another through positive and negative situations

● There is strong leadership

● They have fun

Building a strong tribe is constant, hard work. There is nothing easy about the process. In fact,

starting from the beginning is painfully difficult. It entails constant introductions, social risks,

vulnerability, and more often than not, discouragement. These are the moments that require

even more resilience, for once a foundation is set, the opportunities of your tribe are endless.

Do not settle for people who do not fit the qualities you need and deserve in your tribe. Your

people are your gateway to love and belonging, and you are the gateway to love and belonging

for your people.

So what does this have to do with CrossFit?

In the brief period of my life that I have worked out in a box, I can most confidently say that

CrossFit is one of the safest ways to build your tribe. The people that surround you, regardless of

what time you WOD, are all showing up for the same reason: to become the best version of

themselves possible. Look around. The humans under this roof are mentally and physically

strong, they are driven and motivated, they are proud, they are inspirational.

Because of the tribe I have formed in this gym, I am constantly pushed to become holistically

better each and every day. The beautiful thing about your people is their underlying ability to

read and understand you in various situations. Your tribe will know when to be gentle with their

support, and when to dig in and push you through mental and physical barriers that you never

envisioned yourself accomplishing. And to be honest, you probably wouldn’t have been able to

without your tribe behind you with the constant support, motivation, and desire to see you

achieve. These people will, and should, hold you to high expectations and refuse to sit back and

watch you be complacent. They will actively help make you better, and their egos will be

positively fed and nourished as a result. That is what successful tribes do, and this is how

successful tribes grow.

Create your tribe. Show up for your tribe. Prevail with your tribe.

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Nicholas Beal