One size never fits everyone. Being valued for showing up and tackling an intense workout can. This is CrossFit Casco Bay. Mutual respect is a key component to successful fitness. At 64 I enjoy being called an athlete having no background on the field, on the boards or even on the grass. The coaches and members at CFCB lift you up and give you the skill and encouragement to accomplish tasks you never thought you could manage. CrossFit IS for everyone and CrossFit Casco Bay provides that supportive environment one needs to succeed. Come check it out.

Stephen Hunt

Amazing, Great box with friendly & easygoing group of people and awe-inspiring & challenging coaches!!!

After moving from NC to Maine I was kind of hovering on which box to join but after reading reviews & couple of drop-ins on regular weekday as well as on Saturday morning class, I decided to join Crossfit Casco Bay(CFCB) and since then never looked back or regretted my decision.

Its been great almost an year here in Maine and joining CFCB, I enjoy each and every WOD and it makes me feel better before/after a hectic & busy day at work! Being new to city all the workout sessions in CFCB are quite enjoyable and challenging to oneself, I highly recommend this box to new & experienced athletes who is looking for a good & challenging WOD!!!

Satish Chamreddy

I’ve been a gym rat for over 2 decades and had been plateauing for two years too long when I decided to check out this thing called CrossFit. After researching all the boxes in Portland, CFCB stood out immediately above all the rest. They are professionals in every meaning of the word. From the initial phone call inquiry, to actually joining and learning all the movements….they take care of you every step of the way. In addition to the excellency of the owners, all the coaches and the other athletes make CFCB special. “Community” is really important there and never have I ever felt so at home at a gym. Athletes and coaches alike all have made me feel so welcome. If you don’t feel like you fit in at any gym, come here, you’ll fit in.

Melissa Rivera

CFCB has turned me from a runner into an athlete. I am a marathoner who joined CFCB for a change of pace this winter. Over the last 3 months I have become stronger and more flexible. The coaches have been extremely supportive and have helped me improve my areas of weakness. CFCB is much more than a gym, it is truly a family. Even though running season is right around the corner, I have no plans to leave CFCB. I know the coaches will work with me to incorporate Crossfit and running, and I truly believe this will be my best summer of racing ever!

Andrew Lupien

CrossFit Casco Bay has amazing facilities, a supportive, energetic and knowledgeable staff and members from all walks of life who cheer and motivate you everyday. I highly recommend CFCB for anyone interested in CrossFit, whether it is to just check it out, drop in while visiting the area or become part of the family.

Tess Jacquez