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Nutrition is the base of CrossFit’s Theoretical Hierarchy of Development. Without the diet to support it, optimal fitness is not fully achievable. It is much more difficult for the majority of us to maintain a solid diet than to come into the gym for an hour a day and throw down with our friends.

Knowing where to start is key. The more information we have the better decisions we can make regarding our fitness and nutrition. Below are two links to get you started. Read and review and make an assessment of your current diet:


A Personal thought:

I get asked all the time about my personal diet. I am not sure how to answer most times. I would love to say I eat perfect paleo 100% of the time, or that I consume “x” number of blocks on training days or “x” number of blocks on rest days. I like to lead by example, but the truth is I eat for my current fitness goals.

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Coach Sam’s current diet rundown/thoughts:

My diet is roughly 80% paleo, with an effort to consume greens and vegetables with every meal. Bread and grains appear in about one meal a day with moderation. I also use almost no supplements, adding no more then two protein shakes a week and using Vitamin D and fish oil sparingly. I eat when I am hungry and don’t count calories consumed.

In the past I have used roughly 95% paleo for fairly long stretches of time in an effort to lean out. If I wanted to be leaner, I would need to be much stricter with food and sleep, but that is not my goal. My current fitness regimen is a mix of body composition maintenance, performance, and fun (a few beers or an occasional donut won’t derail these goals).

My pre-CrossFit diet included tons of dairy, bread, pasta, cookies, and soda almost daily. Even while being young and active it left me with a weight of 200lbs and 23ish body fat (BF) percentage on my 5’11 frame.

In 2013-2014, I committed to a higher training volume and a diet that would compliment this volume. My diet consisted of about 95% Paleo. During that time I did not drink alcohol or have many sweets. In retrospect I should have measured food intake and eaten more. I was around 188lbs and at the lowest 9.7% BF.

At the time of this article with my ~80% clean diet, and maybe an extra donut here and there, I weighed 212lbs with14.5% BF.

The point that I am trying to make is you need to adjust your diet to your personal fitness goals. Eat very clean to improve aesthetics or performance, or drink soda and eat cookies to increase your buoyancy. The mantra I utilize for myself is a quote from Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution: “You can get 90% of the results from 80% of the work”. Eating well with a few exceptions is a much better option then a crap diet with the occasional salad.

Recommended Reading:

  • The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf
  • The Paleo Answer by Loren Cordain, PhD
  • Wheat Belly by William Davis, M.D.
  • Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It by Gary Taubes
  • The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson
  • Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso
  • Make it Paleo by Bill Staley and Hayley Mason